European Facials

Love Your Skin!

At Beauty By Meigan, we are dedicated to the health of your skin and will never cut corners or costs!

European Facial

$100 | 55min

Our European Facial includes a skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, extractions with a papaya enzyme mask and relaxing facial massage. A second treatment mask will help soothe and hydrate your skin while you receive a hand and arm massage. Finally, a DermAware skin care regimen and sunblock are applied to protect your skin throughout the day.

Meigan’s Signature Facial

$125 | 75min

Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with all the pampering and cleansing of the European Facial, plus Meigan’s signature massage on your neck and shoulders. We add in extra vitamins and serums to help with aging, hydration, and inflammation.

The Ultimate Facial

$150 | 90min

Forget about your worries and relax a while! We take it one step further for you to pamper yourself with an extra 15 minutes of massage on your achy feet during the Signature Facial.

CBD – Hemp Facial

$100 | 55min

This relaxing yet cleansing facial features products with the powerful Hemp extract. Your skin will love all the anti-oxidant properties to counteract the signs of aging, while reducing pain and inflammation caused by inflammatory skin conditions.

Express Facial

$60 | 25min

Whether you need hydration and relaxation, or attention to a problematic area – this facial is customized for the on-the-go client!

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

$110 | 55min

This facial treatment is great for everyone! Dull, sluggish, acne skin clears up faster. It is also great for pre and post facial surgery, or people with allergies or congestion of the nasal area. You will relax into a deep sleep while your skin is pampered with all the custom DermAware Facial skin care treatments.

Go Spot Go Facial

$125 | 55min

This facial treatment aids in lightening Hyper Pigmentation, uneven skin color, age spots, fine fines and wrinkles. At home DermAware skin care is highly recommended to achieve your full results. Recommended for lightening, brightening, evening skin color due to sun damage, acne scarring or hormonal changes.

Aerobic Lift Facial

$105 | 55min

Could it be? A wrinkle cure in a bottle? Anti-aging, power packed mask and serum are substituted for your treatment mask in the original European Facial. This concentrate includes a variety of peptides and sea algae to combat skin aging from all fronts!

A+ Smart Serum Peel & Mask

$140 | 75 min

This is the ideal treatment for age control, loose skin, & loss of elasticity. The stem cell technology delivers immediate and progressive results! A series of 6 treatments maximizes benefits.

Holiday Peel and Facial Mask

$145 | 75min

This treatment is a perfect addition to any European Facial. Peel the skin with acids found in champagne. Protect and help the skin fight against signs of aging with resveratrol, vitamins A, C and E. See results immediately!

True Beauty Peel & Facial Mask

$160 | 75min

This facial peel & mask combo is the ultimate treatment! The mask is designed to brighten, target wrinkle depth & length, lift & firm with ZERO down time! Use the True Beauty home serum for firmness and transformation of wrinkles, elasticity & redness with a boost of peptides.

NuFace Treatment

$20 | 15min

Look your best at your next special event when you add MicroCurrent to any facial treatment. MicroCurrent helps to instantly tighten and firm the skin and underlying muscles. Achieve permanent results when you use this device at home in your daily skincare routine.

Dermaplaning Facial

$120 |
Dermaplaning is an effective and safe exfoliation treatment that leaves the skin soft and smooth, with no downtime. By removing all of the vellus facial hair and the top layer of dead skin cells, it helps promote deeper product penetration and aids in clearing up problematic skin.